We will look at the simple scale of C Major


The notes in the scale of C major are:

C   D   E   F  G  A  B  C

Remember that the strings of the ukulele are tuned to G , C , E, and A. These are called OPEN strings and we will use them in our scale.

NOTE       Where is it

 C             C string open

 D             C string, 2nd fret

 E              E string open

 F              E string, 1st fret

 G              E string, 3rd fret

 A              A string open

 B              A string, 2nd fret

 C              A  string, 3rd fret


Try to play the notes in order. Say the names of the notes as you play them. You can also say doh,ray,me,fah,soh,La,Te,doh as you play the scale.

When you can go up, practice coming back down again.

When you have got that, go up and then down!

We will use these notes to play tunes and melodies.

Scales with Cynthia Lin