Information for Prospective Students

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Barry   (some call me Baz) Bemrose
  027 376 4162

Information for prospective students
First of all  - some information about myself.  My name is Barry Bemrose.
I am a retired primary school teacher  with experience in Canada and New Zealand.
I have had a lifelong interest in music playing the guitar and ukulele.

Private Lessons Available:  $20 an hour.

i have also spent the last seven years organising the Lauder Ukulele Festival at Waitangi weekend.

Successful students have been able to continue their ukulele playing by continuing on into  our local ukulele group called UKES IN THYME.  Fun with music is our theme!

I have also spent a lot of time teaching kids in the local schools! (Until Covid reared it's ugly head!) 


If we have enough interest I will present the following course:


How long is the Course ?
8  one-hour(+)  group lessons – Once a week

Where will it be held?  TBA

What if I don’t have a Ukulele?
I  have loaner ukuleles available so you can “Try before you buy``  Please let me know ASAP if you need one (quantities limited)  I can also advise you on suitable purchases if required.

What are the costs involved?
$120   for 8 one-hour (+)   group lessons   Payment is expected at the first lesson.
Bank Account ANZ  01 0695 0076668 00.  Use your name as a reference.  Cash or cheque also OK of course.  

What you will learn
1)     The history of the uke
2)    Learn the different parts of the uke and be able to name them
3)    The various tunings of the uke :  C6 (G C E A ) and D6  (A D F# B) 
4)    The four different sizes of uke :  Soprano  Concert  Tenor and Baritone
5)    How to hold a uke in order to generate the best sound. Strumming skills
6)    How to answer the question “Why are you playing a uke?”
7)    How to tune a ukulele – various methods
8)    The names of the strings
9)    How to read chord charts and simple theory around forming chords
10)    Chords in the Keys of C, D and G
11)    Strumming techniques  and simple fingerpicking methods
12)    Basic scales  - layout of notes on the frets
13)    Efficient ways to practise.
14)    The basics of barre chords
15)    A repertoire of basic songs that you can play and impress your friends!
16)    Basics on using the internet to develop your skills
17)    Simple transposition of songs from key to key  (UkuleleHelpmate!)
18)    That the ukulele is not only for singing Hawaiian  songs!
19)    Advice on buying a better ukulele when you become hooked ( which you will!)
20)    How to have fun with your family and friends

We will build up a book of resources throughout the course that will be yours to keep.
I will also recommend other resources that you may find useful.

What Do I Need to Bring?
Enthusiasm:  Willingness to practise an unfamiliar skill:  Desire to have fun!!
1  20 Leaflet clear book – available at Paperplus (don’t buy until you see what I mean)

Any questions?  Call or email  anytime!